The Art and Practice of Victimhood: Step # 6


If you have been following along these past few weeks and are utilizing the various steps offered so far, then you are surely well on your way to a life of successful victimhood. You’re now ready for what may be considered some advanced steps – steps that will take you to even great heights of victimhood. We begin with Paranoia. Paranoia is one of the greater resources you can exploit to make your efforts of becoming an effective victim really leap forward.

Start every day by repeating this complaint. Do it repeatedly and as often as possible throughout your day:

“People don’t care about me and will screw me over at every opportunity they can find.”

Just by saying it often, you will make it into a solid core belief by which to live. Take everything others say to you or about you as a personal attack. See it always as an affront aimed at ridiculing you, and more evidence to support your claim of getting screwed over. Then use your God-given imagination to react quickly with incensed indignation and justifiable defensiveness. Throw back at such people any inconsistencies you can discover or are able to manufacture about other people – all as part of a full proof enraged rebuttal.

With practice you’ll be able to create your very own personal conspiracy theory, or even better, your series of conspiracies:

 “My parents were out to destroy me before I was born.”

“Every teacher I had hated me.”

“Nobody ever wants to be with me.”

“People always try to take advantage of me.”

“My sister was always jealous. She couldn’t stand it whenever I did well or I got something.”

Takes these kind of ideas and look for any instances in your life to draw upon as rock solid evidence to support these notions. By using words like “Always” or “Never” whenever you come across one or two instances of such incidents – or even possible incidents – you will build a brilliant and irrefutable case about how unjustly you are ALWAYS being treated.

From there it is just a matter of building upon these incidents with a paranoid way of speaking and thinking. With practice you’ll eventually develop an air-tight case regarding your version of “Truthiness.” Remember our thoughts become things. Therefore, if you think these paranoid thoughts long enough they will become your reality. It is imperative that you believe every negative thought you think. Sometimes this will require you to block out any alternative thoughts and ideas – neutral ones and/or positive ones – things other people may have offered. Do not let these thoughts penetrate your own thinking. Instead stay steadfast with your victimizations and poor-me notions.

I cannot underscore enough that if you say or think anything consistently and often enough, it will be taken as reality. For a concrete example of how terrific this principle is just remember the slogan: “Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).” This was repeated so often and by so many in the presidential administration at the time when Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein, was in power that even when this was proved to be false, there were, and still are people walking around today that believe Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.”

This characteristic of human behavior is what you can exploit with ease anytime with any one, and with anything, you wish to manufacture.  Paranoia – like gossip – is very contagious. You can learn to exploit it to your benefit. It’s a matter of utilizing peoples’ open mindedness where they bring a bit of doubt regarding their own ideas. Also there is a part of human behavior where people like to focus on negativity and things that are awry. Therefore you can trip people up with your absoluteness regarding how “the world is falling apart” or how “you always get the short end of the stick” even without proof or evidence to support these statements.