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Have you noticed at almost any wedding reception when the dancing begins there are some people who don’t dance? They never get up and participate in any of the dancing. Instead these couples just sit along the side lines at their table, and they merely watch the others out on the dance floor; while they themselves don’t dance at all.
Sometimes, there is one of these seated couples and one partner wants to dance but the other partner doesn’t so they just sit and watch other people dancing about on the dance floor. And the one that wants to dance sits there sad and resigned, or they’re resentful, or perhaps even angry. Occasionally the one that wants to dance decides to take some action, and this one leaves the table to seek out someone who is interested in dancing with them. They go off, while their partner remains at the table along with others who are not dancing, and this one that left then starts to dance with the new person, or maybe several others who like to dance and are interested.
Then there are the folks who do go out onto the dance floor and they do some basic dancing. Maybe years ago they started out learning the Basics. So now they do those same basic steps to all the music, dancing the same dance they originally learned regardless of how the music is. If it’s fast or slow they do their 1-step all across the floor. And even though it is not very interesting or really very attractive they seem to be having a bit of fun. After all, they are out there; they are out on the dance floor and they are dancing. They’re doing their dance – dancing the same way they first learned no matter what the beat of the music.
And then there are those coupes that really stand out. These are the couples who seem to know all of the different dance steps. Perhaps they took some dance classes, and then they continued to keep up by learning all the latest dances that have come along. And so these couples are out there on the dance floor and they really shine as they glide by seemingly effortlessly to the various beats of all the different dances – whether it’s the fox trot, the Chacha, the Lindy, or even the Tango. These few couples seem to really know how to dance; and as they do so we all are drawn to watch them. We are mesmerized by these extraordinary couples who look so beautiful and are so inspiring to experience – move along, together as one –
having such a wonderful time.