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In this age of disposable items, most of us want to know if our relationships have to be discarded after a short while, or is there some way of telling early on in a relationship whether or not it has the ability to become a lasting and enduring one?

Basically, there are only two reasons relationships do not work: you have either picked the wrong person, or, you have picked the right person, but are not skillful and/or knowledgeable enough to make this potentially positive relationship work. Most of the time people do select the right person. However, it is often the second difficulty, namely, the not working on the relationship – or working on it incorrectly, that makes it seem “wrong”.

The reason we don’t usually select the wrong person is because most of us spend a very long time eliminating the “wrong” person or persons for us throughout our adolescence and young adulthood. The selection process is really on going and occurs over a long period of time. There is literally any number of individuals that we know that we could not make a go of it with in a long lasting relationship, especially in marriage. By the time we are looking for a permanent relationship we have usually filtered out all types of individuals that we are not interested in. We have actually “screened” out many people from any consideration.

We need to look very seriously at how to make our relationships work and decide what we might be doing to cause failures in our relationships if such a pattern already exists.


None of us has a crystal ball to look into in order to tell whether or not a relationship with someone will, indeed, last. However, there are ways to look at a serious relationship to see if it might have the ability to, not only sustain and endure over time, but actually be the kind of relationship that two individuals can grow and blossom into a strong bonded couple.

What follows is a 20 plus page self-administered test with ten questions for you to reflect upon and to rate your present relationship. Also are some guidelines to assist in the relationship, as well as what to doif you decide to end the relationship.
The RATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP Manual in it’s entirety is available either as a download version for $10.00, or in print document for $15.00 shipping included (USA).
Simply pay with PayPal and send request for Rate Your Relationship indicating the version you have selected and your contact information.

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