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Premarital Counseling

Going from either seriously dating or engagement to marriage requires you making the most important commitment of your life. And while your love for each other seems exciting and fresh, you may be wondering or still deciding whether this is the right decision. You know one thing for sure; you want to go into marriage without any doubt and full of confidence.

If you are seeking help to get a strong start, you already realize that having a successful marriage requires more than finding the right person; it means being the right person. Sometimes, the FINDING Mr. or Ms. Right part is easier. BEING the right person requires knowing some important things about yourself and about your partner, and having some effective communication skills. This comes down to the both of you having enough sense of responsibility and maturity. Maturity means knowing who you are: your talents, weaknesses, interests, likes and dislikes, those values that you will not compromise, preferences you are willing to bend on, and what you want out of life and marriage. 

You’ll determine your readiness for marriage, have solid information about what makes a marriage succeed, as well as gain understanding regarding the influences of past relationships and how our family of origin affect our understanding of marriage. Together we’ll determine if any pre-marital counseling is needed. We will then tailor a marriage preparation course that will offer you both the possibility of giving oneself freely to your beloved. Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy not only a wonderful wedding day, but live out a life-long successful marriage by going into it with your eye wide open and with insight about what it takes to make your marriage successful.

Contact Don and Chris Paglia @ 203-671-2211 or for a personalized three-session pre-marital counseling program just for you. Dates and times will be worked around your scheduling needs and specific concerns.

Cost: To be negotiated