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Family Constellations: Healing Our Family of Origin

April, 6th 2024

Westrock Wellness, 869 Whalley Ave, New Haven

April 6th : 10 am to 1p.m.

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary what we need is to love without conditions.”

- Mother Teresa
NEXT Workshop Dates: April 6th, 2024

NOTE: April 6 is on Sunday from 10 am to 1p.m. Please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead.

LOCATION: Westrock Wellness, 869 Whalley Ave, NEW HAVEN – Second floor, parking on the street, behind building, as well as at corner of Whalley Ave and Blake St.

Family Constellations is an alive, uniquely phenomenological – spiritual – experience exposing hidden dynamics within families’ traumas and/or misfortunes, often played out within friendships, marriages, and family life. Family Constellations can touch our deepest core, transforming us and the lives of those we love. The innocence of a child wants only to love his or her family, and will often sacrifice their own best interests in a blind belief suffering will ensure a belonging to the family. This workshop brings such hidden loyalties to light so that love can flow in a healthier way.

We often displace issues belonging to our family of origin – called entanglements and identifications. Family Constellations help regain balance, respect, dignity and love, freeing us to live and love more fully by healing our past, thus offering greater capacity to love, by uncovering disruptions, and thereby freeing one to find strength, health, dignity, belonging, and love in our present lives today.

Profound healing often results as we explore personal issues related to illness, split-off parts of the Self, and difficulties in work and relationship situations. Those in the helping professions can cultivate systemic constellation skills into their own practices. Attendees are able to feel the effects of this safe environment workshop and gain freedom resulting from powerful resolution.

Facilitator: Don Paglia, a veteran marriage and family therapist, trained with J. Edward Lynch, Ph.D., of the New England Institute of Systemic Constellations, and with other world leaders, and has been a trainer for the New England Institute. Don has Advanced Post Graduate Training, including Bowen Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and has facilitated numerous systemic constellations since 2003. Don also has a private marital therapy practice.

COST: $65 individual, $90 couple. $25 student. Scholarships available.

Limited Participants. Pre-register by contacting Don Paglia @ 203-671-2211 or and sending fee to: via PayPal in order to insure your place at worksho

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