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In this age of disposable items, most of us want to know if our relationships have to be discarded after a short while, or is there some way of telling early on in a relationship whether or not it has the ability to become a lasting and enduring one? Basically, there are only two reasons […]
  “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”                                                                                     Unknown
Going from either seriously dating or engagement to marriage requires you making the most important commitment of your life. And while your love for each other seems exciting and fresh, you may be wondering or still deciding whether this is the right decision. You know one thing for sure; you want to go into marriage […]
Don has given more than numerous presentations, seminars and workshops and has worked with individuals, engaged couples, married couples, families, clergy, religious and professional groups, nationally and world wide over the past 35 years. View Client List Don’s talks are engaging, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Don has an ability to customize each talk for his […]
Q: Why is it important to find a well-qualified counselor? A: Finding a well-qualified counselor, especially on who is marriage friendly, when your relationship is suffering can be challenging and sometimes even overwhelming. It might be outright hazardous to have a therapist who lacks the training and experience to work with couples, as opposed to […]