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My mission is bring Rekindling Love, Rebuilding Dreams

My psychotherapy practice is predicated on the belief that you, the client, whether an individual, family or couple, are the source of your own strength and resilience.

About Don Paglia

The story begins many years ago with an evening job at the New Haven Juvenile Detention Center while completing an undergraduate college degree in psychology. There I experienced numerous troubled youth going from the city streets to residential centers where their lives were turned around only to be sent back to their families and again end up in detention centers or even worse.

I knew if I was ever going to assist young people I needed to also assist their families. Training in marriage and family therapy was my next direction, with graduate training and post-graduate education, as well as systemic constellations facilitation training.

As a Trained Bowenian, Family Systems therapist I am dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families with the belief that you, the client, hold the source of your own strength and resilience. My role is to help you re-connect to that source of your inner strengths and potential, and to build your unique future that is free from the constraints of the past. This philosophy is evident in every aspect of my process, from having you, the client, determine your future, and in insisting that you claim powerful reasons for your own goals.

I have been a trained marriage and family therapist for over 38 years, with a background in Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Thinking, and Systemic Family Constellations as a facilitator, in this healing modality developed by Bert Hellinger. This modality assists couples address the hidden dynamics in our families. Often past traumas and misfortunes play out as reactivity in marriage and family life. Through the use of Family Constellations, balance, respect, and love are restored, leaving the partners free to transform their marriage.

In addition I use IMAGO intentional dialogue skills which allow for the couples access to healing and growth through a powerful listening process. Throughout my career I have assisted thousands of couples preparing for marriage, as well as, those married who experience difficulties and set-backs.

I am committed to helping any couple enhance their relationship to have the marriage they desire. I am married 54 years, have six children and 13 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren. I know, crazy!

Available upon request.

HUMOR and Comedy Presentations *+ !! ?

Also available upon Request – but only when asked for in a very nice way! Humor and Family Systems Thinking go hand in hand as a function of being a non-anxious self and calm presence. Contact: Don Paglia for more about the possibilities of comedic presentations and use of humor and play in enrichment, leadership and other avenues.
“I’m serious about this!”

Undergraduate Degree
BS Psychology, University: Southern Connecticut State University
Graduate Degree:
MS, CAGS University: Southern Connecticut State University

Philosophy and Beliefs

Core Philosophy and Beliefs

My psychotherapy is to assist in you reconnection to that source, to get in touch with your potential, and make peace with the past. I support marriage as an important personal, professional, and social value.
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