Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up.”

Arnold Gingrich”, 1969

Have you have noticed how committed fly fishermen are to the sport? Perhaps this is the reason why they enjoy it so much. Commitment literally frees one up to pursue whatever enterprise he or she is up to. Ask any successful CEO; ask any truly successful married couple. In fact, if you investigate into what anyone who is doing well in their pursuits you will discover that these people have an uncommon and passionate commitment to it. No only are they passionately committed, they find joy and satisfaction in the pursuit. They don’t even seeing it as “working at it” rather, or if they do, they call it a “labor of love.” 

 Love for what one does and for one’s vocation is the best assurance that he/she will become good at it. For such individuals they do not consider their work to be work. They get to play in the midst of their enterprise they are endeavoring to do. They love the challenge; the test; the pursuit of excellence. For such individuals, life is seen as a series of challenges and test, with complimentary celebrations. For the times they do not fully succeed, they get to ponder and then to come back the next day – of week or month or even year – to play again, only this time with renewed vitality and a sharper grasp of the realities of the challenges that lie ahead.