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Join Don Paglia on a 43-year journey of transformative therapy. Break free from the past and spark lasting change in relationships with Bowenian, Gestalt, and IMAGO approaches.

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About me

My mission is bring Rekindling Love, Rebuilding Dreams

Don Paglia
I knew if I was ever going to assist young people I needed to also assist their families.

How many times do you think or say: “You just don’t get me; and I just don’t get you.” Maybe it’s finally time you sought communication skills to get beyond this reemerging block

"My vision is a world of healthy relationship"


Bowen Family Systems Therapy: Empowering Individuals & Families to Thrive.

How the Process Works

As a trained marriage and family therapist for over 30 years, with a background in Gestalt Therapy and Family Systems Thinking, I use a variety of methods, dependent upon the needs and goals of the individual, couple or family. I am a trained Family Constellations facilitator and trainer, a healing modality developed by Bert Hellinger,